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O yuletide writer, we've matched on one of these fandoms, which means you are possessed of incredibly discerning taste, and I'll no doubt adore whatever you end up writing. So thank you in advance.

Stuff what I like: All sorts of things! Seriously, I have pretty wide ranging tastes. As you might have guessed from my requests I like femslash, but I also like gen and het (and a bit of dudeslash, but not in any of my requested fandoms so that's kind of moot). I'm happy with smut or fading to back. I like casefic, plottyfic, character studies, shipfic, wacky hijinks, five things, epistolary stories. I like AUs (both canon divergent and some of the more tropey kinds) and crossovers. I prefer happy (or at least hopeful or bittersweet) endings. In terms of tone, I tend to prefer fic that's roughly in the same ballpark as the canon.

Stuff what I am not so crash hot on: Angst-fic, issue-fic, death-fic (most wrt main characters), explicit underage, bodily fluids, downer endings, explicit torture, guro, humiliation, rape-as-drama.

The Adventures of Superhero Girl

Characters: Any

Just about anything involving any or all of these characters would make me happy. Seriously, backstory, worldbuilding, wacky hijinks, gen, ship fic (though no Superhero Girl/Kevin, please), whatever strikes your fancy.

Right, so assuming we didn't match on this, The Adventures of Superhero Girl is a webcomic by Faith Erin Hicks about the (mis)adventures of a Canadian superhero and it is love. At about a hundred strips long, it's probably the fastest and easiest of my requested fandoms to catch up on, so I'd recommend giving it a go if you're stuck on what what we did match on. I'd also recommend it anyway, because, seriously it's love.

And like I said in my sign-up, I really would be happy with just about anything written for this fandom, about any of these characters (or any of the other characters appearing in the comic if one of them strikes your fancy) or just general worldbuilding, but if you want some specific prompts.

How does Superhero Girl go about filling in her superheroing grant forms, when did she first become aware of her ninja issues, will she ever get out from under Kevin's shadow?

Kevin seems pretty oblivous to just how much Superhero Girl resents being in his shadow, so maybe his perpective on growing up together, or else how exactly does he cope with being everyone most favouritist superhero?

We don't know much about Spectacle apart from the fact she's a bored socialite who fights crime, and that she seems to be a bit of a Superhero Girl fan. What makes her tick exactly?

How did King Ninja become King Ninja? Is he actually a king or did he just find a crown? How is he coping in the world of business instead of ninjaing?

The Fall (TV)

Characters: Stella Gibson, Reed Smith, Danielle Ferrington

I really loved the dynamics between these three (with Stella as the fulcrum as it were) so anything that expanded on that in any way would be golden. If you're in a femslashy mood, I'm quite fond of the idea of Stella/Dani, and am not opposed to Stella/Reed Smith.

If you can't think of something involving all three, I'd be more than happy to get something that focuses on just one or two of them.

Okay, I don't know that I have much to say here in terms of actual prompts, I just really liked how this series handled its female characters and relationships between them, and especially with these three.

I just love how Stella gives no fucks, and how she's and emotionally reserved, but not because she'd damaged or because she doesn't get feelings, and how even if she's not warm and fuzzy, she's totally capable of acting with compassion and concern even if it's not immeditaley obvious. I think Dani is adorable, and loved how Stella kind of moved into a mentory postion with her so if you wanted to explore that. Reed Smith's just cool, and I liked how she both gave Stella chance to let her hair down a bit, and how she called her on it when Stella's lack of fucks wasn't helping so more of that maybe, (or having Dani and Reed Smith interact since they didn't really get a chance to on the show).

His Dark Materials - Philip Pullman

Characters: Mary Malone, Serafina Pekkala

I really love both of these characters and the way they were basically *boom* insta-bffs in the books. I ship them so bad and would love ship fic for them, but if you wanted to write gen that would be cool too. I'd also love backstory/character exploration on either or both of them if that's your thing.

So Mary and Serafina are basically by two favourite characters in the trilogy, and I adore them both in the friendship and shippy sense so really anything wtih them. So again, anything exploring anything about them would be golden, whether it's them "discussing secret witchlore" in canon, or them finding different ways to met after the books end.

And because that maybe wasn't very helpful, have a fanmix I made for them a couple of years back and see if that give you any ideas.

Scott & Bailey

Characters: Rachel Bailey, Gill Murray, Janet Scott

I really enjoy the relationships between these three in canon, so I'd love something exploring that. If you wanted to write femslash, I can see more or less all permutations possible with these three working (or not working as the case may be).

Alternatively if you wanted to write something really tropey and out-there that'd be cool too.

So much like with The Fall, I freaking love the dynamic in canon between these three, so anything building on or exploring that would be awesome, or just focusing on one of them.

If you were in a mood for a crossover and you're familiar with the Fall, I feel like there's potential there.

Or you could go wild with the tropes, because seriously this show/these characters could work so well with some of the wacky, out-there tropes and AUs out there in fandom. Soulbonds! Psychic wolves, horses, and dragons! Werewolf and vampire AUs! (How does Gill deal with pack dynamics on top of everything else! MIT are now the Supernatural Incident Taskforce!) Powers AUs! Space AUs! Wingfic! I'm not really a fan of the kink aspects of A/B/O, but how much worse could Rachel's terrible life choices be in an omegaverse? Any of the above! All of the above! Something comepletely different!

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013)

Characters: Muriel, Gretel

If you could manage some kind of messed-up, mind-fucky Muriel/Gretel dub/non-con, that would be awesome.

Yeah, so basically I've wanted wrongbadhot Muriel/Gretel since the redband trailer trailer came out, but I am extremely flexible on what form it might take, so if this is the fandom we matched on let your comfort level dictate whatever you end up writing, be it 'I have you now my pretty' style menancing with no follow-through, a seduction where Muriel is all 'lalala totally not a witch whatever would make you say that?', an AU where Muriel manages to nab Gretel when she's young, but still has to wait out a couple of decades to try to sacrfice her, and Stockholm syndrome and creepy grooming to that may or may not turn sexual once Gretel grows up kicks in, or anything really, so long as you're comfortable writing it.

A Touch of Cloth

Characters: Anne Oldman, Natasha Sachet

Clearly the sniping and insults between these two is just to cover how much they want to do each other. So, hatesex. If it's as ridicolous the the show lends itself to being that's a bonus.

One's a bisexual detective who's 100% tits and ambition, the other's a somewhat sociopathic coroner, together they fight crime make increasingly snide insults at each other that are clearly just a cover for sexual tension. Okay so maybe not that last bit, still within the glorious over-the-top pisstake of British crime dramas that is A Touch of Cloth it could happen.

Basically the show is comepletely ridic with such things as a police force which counts as its hires a cardboard standee police officer, a murderer who did a course and promised not to kill any one else, and soapie stars, chase music being performed diagetically by steel srum bands and creepy children choirs, and PSA posters relevant to the phone conversation at hand, (and Suranne Jones's face), so any kind of out there, absurdist, hatesex, or any kind of interaction that lends itself to hate-filled UST, would seriously make my day for this fandom.


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