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So in my last post I mentioned how Ross Noble started this whole bit about glitter and glitter cannons?

Retroactive glitter effect!
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So last night, the maternal unit and I went into the city and down to Melbourne Town Hall to see GNW being taped as part of the comedy festival.

The seats we were in meant we've basically got no chance of showing up on the telly during an audience reaction shot when they do air the episode (it was the second of two they were shooting down here so it should be on week after next) but at least we were fairly close to the stage.

Dodgy mobile phone pic ahoy! )

Sadly, regulations meant no pictures of any actual cast members, woe.

After Paul came out and did his opening patter, in which he encouraged people in the balcony to jump, he brought out Mikey and Claire, who in turn introduced their teammates. Mikey had Kristen Schaal and Ross Noble (who is made of awesome), while Claire had Josh Thomas and Eddie Ifft.

Before they started Ross Noble started going on about glitter and then there was talk of glitter cannons which thanks to [ profile] fandomhigh I was expecting to turn into talk about boykissy, which alas it didn't.

They had Buzzers of Death which Paul bitched about the entire time it was being set up.

No idea if it'll be in the show proper, but during breaks in the shooting for set-up they had Flacco and Sandman come out to do short bits, and Paul sang. Then promptly gave himself points for "singing so prettily".

They ran a bit over, so a couple of people in the audience started leaving and were promptly made fun of the rest of the show.

Finally, they did the promos for the show. Which they fucked up about a half dozen times.

So in conclusion, Mikey/Paul OTP. Because seriously.

Also, Happy Birthday [ profile] just_3_apples!!!


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