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Fandom: The Fall (BBC 2013)
Song: Right the Stars (feat. Karmina) - Somebody That I Used To Know
Length: 5:04
Summary: They're just some girls Paul used to know.
Content Notes: fast/strobing cuts, nudity, character death, sexual and sexualised violence against women (highlight to read)

Download: 512x288 mp4 (34 MB) | 720x404 mp4 (52 MB) | 1280x720 mp4(98 MB)

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Fandom: Legend of the Seeker
Song: LaRissa - I Do Both Jay and Jane (DJ FBI remix)
Character/Ship: Cara/Kahlan/Richard (Kahlan PoV)
Summary: Kahlan has a boyfriend and a girlfriend, and...that's all. She just felt like telling you that.

Download: 512x288 mp4 (26 MB) | 624x352 avi (49 MB) | 848x480 avi (70 MB)

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Fandom: Angel (Spoilers up through 4.22 - Home)
Music: The Whitlams - Royal In The Afternoon
Pairing: Angel/Wesley
Summary: So Angel has some...unfortunate habits. He can change. No, really, he can. Why are you looking at him like that?
Length: 2.57
Download: AVI(17.35MB) (If you want to download, but the link's run out, just shoot me a note and I'll re-up as soon as I can)

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Song: Skullcrusher Mountain - Jonathan Coulton
Fandom: Bones
Spoilers: up to 202 - Mother and Child in the Bay
Summary: Can the love between a hapless FBI agent and a crazed forensic anthropologist, her assistant and loyal henchpeople, and a monkey-pony monster make it in this world?
Download: avi 624x326px 36.6 MB (If the link runs out, just shoot me a note and I'll re-up as soon as I can.)

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Song: "Ever the Same" - Rob Thomas
Fandom: Power Rangers Mystic Force
Spoilers: Up to 14x10 "Petrified Xander"
Summary: The rangers are brave like soldiers drawn from the weeds where the wild bees swarm.
Download: DivX AVI 512x384px (55.3 MB)

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