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TV: *plays ad for Sexpo*
Me: *snickers because it was amusing and I am 12*
My Mother: Let's go to Sexpo.
Me: *chokes on coffee*
My Mother: We'll go if you want.
Me: *continues to choke*
My Mother: Well, you can go on your own.
Me: *stops choking*
My Mother: So long as you show me what you buy.
Me: *crawls off to die kthnx*
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My mother is a MEAN and EVIL person.


Jul. 26th, 2006 11:04 pm
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I think my mother was playing with my Angel action figure on top of the computer monitor while I was out. He's in a different pose to when I left.

Either that or he became animate and will kill me in my sleep...
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I love my mother, seriously I do.

I just don't understand why she feels the need to give me things like this...

Cut for image of dubious work (or brain) safety )
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So today my mother and I decided to go get donuts. But not just any donuts, Krispy Kreme donuts, of which the only store in the state is conveintly located within about a half hour drive of our house (unless you're my mother and manage to get little lost on the way there and a lot lost on the way back).

We finally get to the store, to be greeted by a line that extended out of the store, necessitating a good quarter hour of standing out in the cold before we even got into the store, followed by another twenty minutes or waiting in store. Which, okay, compared to the four hour long waits when it opened about a month back, wasn't so bad.

Then the original glazed ran out right before it was our turn to order.

But never fear, a new batch came off the line shortly thereafter and we left the store in triumph with our boxes of donuty goodness.

And then we went to a cemetary.

Which did confuse me just a little too.
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My mother just broke the nun.


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