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Dear Yulegoat,

Firstly thanks heaps for volunteering to write in one of these fandoms, any of which I'd be happy to receive fic for.

I like femslash, het, gen, and guyslash, though that last probably isn't going to come up given my requests this year. I read all ratings so write whatever you feel comfortable with.

Some Stuff That I Like In Fic: banter, epic friendships, missing scenes, plotty fic, character studies, snarky characters, awesome ladies being awesome, friendship fic, humour, characters treating absurd situations completely seriously, wacky hijinks, playing with language and narrative structure, AUs, crossovers, worldbuilding, flawed but likable/sympathetic characters, happy endings (for variable definitions of happy), fic which matches the tone of canon, fic with wildly different takes on canon

Stuff I Don't Like So Much: super grimdark fic, bisexual erasure, endings without hope, character bashing/demonising canon-partners to enable ships

Supergirl (1984)

Selena, Bianca

Anything in the theme of the Epic (and not so epic) Adventures of Selena and Bianca. It could be set pre-, post-, or during canon, or go AU. How they met? What happened after they got sent to the Phantom Zone(?) at the end of the film? What if they gone the setting up a coven route instead of supervillainy? Femslash would be adored, but so would gen.

Despite it's status as the red-headed step-child of the franchise I love this film. Helen Slater is adorably earnest, Faye Dunaway gleefully gnaws on the scenery, Brenda Vaccaro has awesome comic timing, I just heart it to bits.

One of the things I love about it is that despite being in the putative roles of supervillian and minion, Selena and Bianca come across as having an actual real friendship (if maybe not entirely the healthiest one ever). Nigel gets kicked to the curb (twice) the second Selena gets hold of Ultimate Power, but Bianca is right beside her the whole way in the most fabulous evening gowns the early-Eighties have to offer. So yes, anything exploring their friendship (or the fact they read as completely gay for each other) at any point during that friendship would be great.

If we didn't match on this but want to check it out anyway, it's the second shortest canon of my requests, and you can pick it up pretty cheaply at Amazon (presumably brick and mortar stores).

The Cook and the Chef RPF

Simon Bryant, Maggie Beer

So long as it involves Maggie and Simon being adorable BFFs for life and a good dose of food porn, I'd be happy with pretty much anything here. Seriously, if you want to do wacky crossovers, or out there AUs, go wild. Maggie and Simon have to figure out new ways of cooking and sourcing supplies after the zombie apocalypse! Maggie and Simon are werewolves! Maggie and Simon have to cook a special meal for [insert fandom here] and it all goes horribly right!

Okay, so the basic premise of this show these two come from is take one 'simple country cook' and one professional chef and together they FIGHT CRIME cook delicious food in Maggie's kitchen, occasionally travel to various regional food producers, and generally act very BFFy and generally adorbs. It's that they genuinely adore good food and each other so anything which captures that would make me happy, not matter what else it involves.

So, if you want them to FIGHT CRIME by cooking delicious food, you can totally write that.

Technically it's probably the longest of my requested canons with them making four seasons of around 30-40 half hour episodes each, but you really only need to see a couple of episodes to get an idea of the dynamic between (and serious I've barely seen twenty episodes all up myself), so if you want to check it out the ABC helpfully put a bunch of (hopefully not region locked) episodes episodes up on youtube, and there's an episode guide,recipes and some more (again hopefully not region locked) video up on the official site.

Better Than Love - Hurts (Music Video)

Worldbuilding! Please explain what the heck was going on here. Is it a ballet studio or an underground cafe/club for disaffected lesbians in menswear? Are the ballerinas being auditioned or is it more sinister? Is there a rivalry between the tuxedo-ed lesbians and the suspender-ed ones? What's the deal with lead singer guy and that ribbon? Is this the past? The future? Some kind of parallel universe where it's completely normal for dapper queer ladies to attend ballerina auditions/auctions as an evenings entertainment?

And why *is* the pipe-smoking lesbian wearing no trousers?

Is we didn't match on this you're probably wondering what exactly you've gotten yourself into but I assure you, the music video really is like that, and I really would like to know what the hell actually is going on in it.

There's also a "theatrical trailer" that consists of the camera panning slowly over the assorted cast for just under two minutes.

Trixie Belden Mysteries

Trixie Belden, Honey Wheeler

Future-fic were they have(or haven't) set up their detective agency would be nifty, as would casefic set at some ambiguous point during the books. Maybe some kind of crossover where they rightly or wrongly investigate the behaviour of a "suspicious character" from another fandom? I'd really love femslash of the 'realising they're more than just friends' sort (either gradual or though sudden application of cluebat), but gen would be equally appreciated.

It's been ages since I last picked up one of these books, but Trixie was totally my plucky teen girl detective. I liked that she could be kind of brash and impulsive, but generally had good instincts. I loved her friendship with Honey (and Honey's character growth from how she was in the first book) and the fact they Had Plans to keep on detecting past being plucky teen girls, and I especially loved that her thing with Jim (which you can feel free to keep if you aren't feeling the Trixie/Honey shippage) co-existed with the plucky girl detecting and was even subordinate to it in some ways.

Given the first book came out in 1948 I realise there's the potential for problematic elements to crop up, especially if you go with the femslash, to feel to set it towards the end of the amazing elastic book timeline to avoid them or even drag it forward all the way into current times.

Again, thank you Yulegoat, and I look forward to reading whatever you write, no matter which of my fandoms you write it for, since they're all awesome fandoms.


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