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O Splendiferous Yulegoat, thank you so much for offering one of these fandoms, because they're all shows or books that I adore.

I like a whole range of fic, and I'm pretty easy to please, and while I have more to say about some of these fandoms than the others I wouldn't have asked for any of them if I wasn't equally excited about the possiblity of getting fic for them, (which would be why I don't have any really short fandoms this year, sorry about that), so whichever fandom we matched on or you end up writing for, I'm sure it'll be awesome.

As far as tone goes, a good rule of thumb is roughly in the same ballpark as canon (or a bit lighter), I don't mind if a story goes dark places, but I need there to be some degree of levity and a a light at the end of the tunnel (that's not a train).

Stuff that I like:

- femslash, especially with a good dose of foeyay and power struggles (in case you couldn't tell)! I also like het and gen.
- smut!
- agressive/rough sex
- playful/informal kink
- praise kink
- humour
- characters reacting to absurd situations with complete seriousness and sincerity
- AUs, both canon divergent and some tropey ones, crossovers
- happy/hopeful/bittersweet endings
- playing with structure (5 things, epistory fic, etc)
- worldbuilding
- fucked up relationships that know they're fucked up

Dislikes/DNWs: overwhelming angst, unrelenting darkness, downer endings, issuefic, identity headcanons, deathfic, rape as drama/backstory, non-canon child abuse, omegaverse, bodily fluids, "formalised" kink/BDSM, humiliation.

Continuum (TV)
Kiera Cameron, Garza

I totally ship these two, but I also enjoy the way their canon relationship went from enemies to reluctantly working together to grudging respect to "I think you want what's best for the Protector as much as I do" (PLEASE DO GO ON, CHEN), so I'd really enjoy any kind of fic that explored or build on that, shippy or not. If you also have any ideas that also involve only the one of them, feel free to run with that.

If you've a mood to write post-finale fic, I'd love to see some of the places you could take that (how do Garza and Kiera cope with building this new future/surviing in it, an AU where Garza goes with Kiera to 'watch her back', what kind of person the Garza born in this new future might have become).

I don't really have much more to say here, but I really loved how Kiera and Garza's relationship evolved over the course of the show (especially from the season three premiere onwards), think the finale hit the right bittersweet note, but I still want to see where Kiera goes in her new forever future...with Garza however that happens, because yes, THAT LINE FROM CHEN WAS TOTES SHIPPY.

Dark Matter (TV)
Five, Six

I pretty much adore Five and Six's canon relationship, how he also immediately went into protective big brother mode around her in the pilot and how she tries to look out for him too, so I'd love fic exploring that, or that dealt with the fallout of the season finale.

I also ship it, so if you're comfortable writing it, I would be deeply grateful for shipfic/smut especially if it involves a cheerfully agressive Five steamrolling a guiltily aroused and faintly terrified Six.

DNW: Daddy-kink, femsub

Yeah, so if you've been poking through my past DYW letters, you might have noticed that underage is usually a DNW for me...and yet... these two straight to the id. I don't know, something about them makes me go aww, adorable, now bang. Adorably.

I really do enjoy the found familiness the have with Two and the Android though. So completely platonic adorableness would ALSO BE COOL.

Killjoys (TV)
Dutch, Delle Seyah Kendry

I ship these two in the *worst* way, so I would love all the dirtybadwrong, fucked up femslash, please, especially if Delle Seyah is more into Dutch than the other way around.

Alternatively, if you wanted to write backstory/worldbuilding fic for both or either of them, that'd also be nifty, or if you felt like having fun with tropey AUs, just so long as that friction's still there.

DNW: fluff, rape as backstory, Dutch/D'Avin

So this is probably the shortest of my requested fandoms, and (theoretically) streamable on the SyFy website (as is Dark Matter), so if you're stuck on what we did match, it might be worth checking out. Also you should just check it out anyway, because it's awesome

I adore so many things about this show, I like all the characters, I think the all hints of world building we get are interesting, the music choices are earwormy, it's just plain fun, and I like I said in my sign up, I ship Dutch/Delle in the most messed up trainwrecky way.

Like, Delle is pretty much The Worst, and she's so totally into Dutch, and Dutch is willing to play along to a degree while getting more 'oh good, I needed more crazy in my life, really I did'. So yes all the fic where Delle being kind of a mass murdering sociopath is a feature, not a bug, for these two, especially if Delle is all "NEMESIS! <3!" and Dutch is "yeah, no" while dealing with inconvient feelings in her pants. Feel free to go to the dub-con/non-con place.

That said, If you're not feeling that something that explores backstory for either or both of them would be pretty cool. Like how does one become the kind of person who things mass murder is an appropriate tool for corporate restructuring, or Delle's made herself a big fish, but how small or large a pond is the Quad, anyway? Alternatively, how did Dutch, (and Johnny and Lucy) end up in the Quad/RAC, why is House Jardin in disgrace, and what the fuck is Worst Murder Dad Khlyen's deal anyway? (I can see him as anything from just the hired murder help to Dutch has two daddies and he'sone, so if you run with this go with what's creepiest whatever works for you.)

And to clarify my DNW about Dutch/D'Avin, I really really don't ship them (maybe if we'd gotten more dorky thinks post-coital high fives are a thing D'Av, less broody angst D'Av) but references to their canon are cool if the fic goes there, just not as a big shippy thing.

Sense8 (TV)
Wolfgang Bogdanow, Felix Bernner, Capheus

What I would really love for this fandom is fic that explores the way both Capheus and Wolfgang and Felix use JCVD/Conan as sources of inspiration and escape, whether that's through backstory fic, or Capheus and Felix debating the respective merits of Van Damme/Schwarzenegger via Wolfgang, or the trio's collective bafflement at other people's varying degrees of Not Getting It. Really, anything in that vein would be awesome.

I don't really have a lot to say about this fandom, but fic about Capheus, Felix and Wolfgang's Thoughts on Eighties Action Movies and Their Stars is something I have been craving since the show aired. I feel like maybe Hernando could have some opinons to contribute as well but don't feel obligated to include him or anything. One thing I did really find interesting in the show is how when they were younger, Felix was the one who was really aggressive in defending Wolfgang.

Star Wars Legends: X-wing Series - Aaron Allston & Michael Stackpole
Garik "Face" Loran

Face is pretty much my absolute favourite EU/Legends character, so basically anything you write I'll adore, backstory, mission fic, domestic fluff with Dia, him being BFFs with Ton, AUs where he has the Force and becomes the trolliest Jedi, just so long as he's his ridiculous dramatic self.

If you have a yen for worldbuilding or meta fic, I feel like his backstory is a place to run wild, is there a Holonet version of tumblr, are there tinhats, or conspiracy theories over his 'death', were there ridiculous photoshoots for teen magazines, what were his holos that we didn't get described like, was he ever in a Disney channel style tween romcom where "the Emperor" was his cool older mentor who gave him advice in the ways of teen love and serving the Empire?

Seriously, words cannot describe how much I adore Face Loran, Perfect Cinnamon Troll, and the Wraith Squadron books are one of my favourite parts of the old EU. I love the fact he's a complete smart arse, who also has this core of sincerity, and who's very quick to form emotional bonds with people. I love that even though he acts like a ridiculous dramatic fool, he's genuinely smart and intelligent. I love that he'd use the Force as a backscratcher. I love that he'll rag on the propaganda films he did, but of course his performances were much better than that hack Tetran Cowall's. I love how he deals with his angsty backstory by making light of it, while carrying around all a bunch of latent self loathing. I love the books repeatedly point out how pretty he is, including Wedge's Completely Heterosexual Narrative in the third book. I love that at one point in the last book he's all 'my wife shot an assassin and left him to die on our bedroom floor <3 <3 <3'.

So I really, really mean it when I say whatever ideas you have for fic involving Face, just run with it.


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