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For [ profile] mpoetess: Five Portals Cal didn't end up going through.

1. Callisto didn't know whether to be more suprised by Xander's offer, or the fact she accepted. By the look on his face neither did he. Of course that expression was nothing compared to Angel's several months later when confronted by a pissed off Cal and five-and-half year-old proof of a faulty pregnancy test.

2. She didn't ask for the portal to open in the middle of this meeting. There was no reason for the guy in the bathrobe who looked like Principal Smith to be glaring at her like that.

3. On the bad days, the hard days, Callisto would rail against this stupid hell dimension, full of stupid demons, where she was stuck raising a brat who wasn't (but who could have been, once) even hers. But then Connor would smile at her with such absolute trust and love, and she'd decide that for the darkest of the dark worlds, Quor'toth could have been worse.

4. Gods, why couldn't that freak chase Crichton instead, he was the physicist, she didn't even know anything about wormholes.

5. The Scoobies were all too focused on Buffy's corpse, that none of them noticed the leather-clad blonde making a dent in the pavement until she asked for help to remove the I-bar from her stomach. Just because it couldn't kill her didn't mean it wasn't as uncomfortable as hell.

For [ profile] mpoetess: Five reasons Seely bought the leather skirt.

1. It made Door laugh.

2. Wearing it would mess with English's head.

3. Fandom girls seemed to like guys in skirts.

4. It might make it slightly harder for Willow to kick him.

5. It was comfortable, okay?

For [ profile] lyrajane: Five things Callisto (canon or FH) would never tell anyone she liked.

1. The botanical and medical reference stacks in the library, where she found scrolls like the ones her mother had taught her to read from.

2. Touching and being touched by Angel. Not the sex or the snuggling, because gods know she was vocal enough about those, but just touching. Casual, planned, brief, lingering, gentle, firm, bare skin or clothed, it filled a need she'd never even realised she had.

3. John making fun of her. She'd never had the chance to just be a teenager with petty stupid unimportant conflicts before she'd met him.

4. The second floor common room.

5. Aeryn Sun. Although the abortive attempts to kiss her might have been a clue.

For [ profile] timjr: Five pop culture references Temperance actually got.

1. Charleton Heston movies. She was in the NRA, he was kind of impossible to miss.

2. All your base are belong to us. The propagation and evolution of memes like this was absolutely fascinating from an anthropological veiwpoint.

3. "I am your father." She had had a tv once, you know.

4. Monty Python's dead parrot sketch. It was an interesting exercise in language use.

5. Booth going on about white knights and grails. What? Le Morte d'Arthur totally counted as pop-culture.

More to come later, and I'm still open for prompts
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