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For [ profile] just_3_apples: Five double dates that Angel/Cal and Rory/Anakin never went on.

1. The patrol when Angel and Anakin got so focused on one-upping each other that neither of them noticed the slime demon attacking until Cal dumped its entrails on their heads and demanded boykissy for her and Rory's troubles.

2. The Barry Manilow concert. Or rather the jazz festival that Anakin managed to mindtrick Angel into believing was a Manilow concert. Callisto would never admit she found the singing along at the top of his lungs to songs only he could hear cute. Painful, but cute.

3. The sword'n'sandal movie marathon they nearly got kicked out of because Cal wouldn't stop nitpicking the fight scenes. At least until Angel found a foolproof way to shut her up.

4. The costume party they arrived at late, left early and spent suspiciously long amounts of time in the cloakroom at. You'd amost think that Rory and Cal had chosen the school girl and nun costumes on purpose.

5. The International Coffee Brewer's expo. It had taken all of Angel, Anakin and Callisto's combined strength to get Rory to leave, and the scent of coffee led to Jake following them around for a month afterwards.

For [ profile] butterflykiki: Five Times Someone Came *This Close* to Being Expelled At Fandom High

1. The Homecoming where Callisto and Logan got drunk and thought it would be a good idea for Seely and Angel to make out. Naked. Covered with glitter. On Principal Washburn's desk.

2. When Willow turned Seely into a seaslug after she found him and Peter Pevensie in bed together and refused to change him back.

3. When Rory actually went through with one of her plans for revenge against Darth Vader. She did have to remove all the pink varnish from his armour though.

4. That time Zack and Greg spiked The Tick's milk with gremlin spit to see what would happen.

5. When Weiss and Seely led Kappa Kappa Gremlin in a panty raid against the female teachers.

For [ profile] coltsbane: Five things Zack and Temperance did on their first date.

1. Got called away from a candle lit dinner in a far too expensive restaurant in order to identify three burnt corpses. Zack might have resented Booth for that, if not for the way Temperance looked while she worked.

2. Babysat Zack's oldest niece. Aaron Addy received an interesting phone call about a skull for show'n'tell from her teacher the next week.

3. Had sex. Temperance didn't see any reason to hold to irrelevant societal norms about speed, and Zack, well, wasn't going to argue.

4. Watching a romantic movie Angela had suggested. Halfway through they gave up on understanding it and put on Zack's Firefly dvds instead.

5. Attending a world symposium on forensic anthropology. Zack spent the night grinning like a dork after Temperance referenced his work in her keynote speech.

For [ profile] coltsbane: Five shows Zack daydreamed himself into.

1. The X-Files, Mulder was much less paranoid than Hodgins.

2. Battlestar Galactica, he felt a pressing need to redeem the scientific community from Baltar.

3. Bitterwoman, hot pants and whips. He didn't need any other reason.

4. Mystery Science Theater 3000, he just wasn't sure whether he wanted to be on the satellite or sending the movies.

5. Angel because he felt slightly less guilty fantasizing about fictional vampires than real FBI agents.

For [ profile] coltsbane: Five ways Seely Booth (canon or FH) ended up naked.

1. Waking up in the stables the morning after the full moon. Apparently Peter's bite really had turned him into a werepony.

2. Bel "accidentally" fireballing his clothes. At least he always had those leather pants handy to lend him.

3. He ran into Willow while she was going through that weird goth phase. He flinched whenever anyone mentioned the word "puppy" for weeks afterward.

4. Parker said she'd give his jacket back if he ran through the town only wearing blue and gold bodypaint. She didn't.

5. That other Homecoming where Callisto and Logan got drunk and thought it would be a good idea for him and Angel to make out, naked and covered in glitter. On the dance floor this time.

For [ profile] jyuu_chan: Five ways Krycek and Cal ended up together (or spectacularly didn't).

1. Three days after they went drinking and Krycek didn't take advantage of her low alcohol tolerance, Callisto jumped him between classes and dragged him off to "reward his nobility".

2. Backstage at the Junior Achiever's Leather Fashion Show. Jake was ready to kill them both afterwards, but damn was it worth it.

3. He didn't drink coffee anymore, and she didn't wear red. Vengeance was expensive and one motel bed was cheaper than two. Afterward they would talk, their childhoods, new leads on Belthazor, weapons, what they might do when they'd finally finished this, but a tiny island in Virgina and people who'd lived, died, and killed there never came up.

4. After Rita's latest class-cum-hook-up attempt went horribly wrong, they didn't even bother trying to find separate beds to collapse on. Pity neither of their boyfriends waited to get the full story before deciding on revenge when they found them.

5. Barring the fact Callisto now had two deaths to Krycek's one, things remained the same between them since the last time they'd seen each other. Somewhere between the sixth shared bottle and fourth mutual rant about thieving houseboys, bards, and cajuns, he decided to change that and (risking losing his arm again) pulled her into his lap. They didn't remember much of what happened after that, just that they liked it enough to repeat it once they'd sobered up.

For [ profile] monkeyfromhell: Five Ways Seely Booth Became A Power Ranger

1. It had been an emergency, but borrowing that Nick kid's cellphone had been a mistake.

2. Stupid teenage boy savior complex.

3. Well, it's not like Goodman hadn't warned him not to touch the exhibits, even if those gems had been really shiny.

4. Next time Zack wanted to show him something really cool, Booth was going to shove this morpher where the sun didn't shine. Ranger code be damned.

5. He knew he shouldn't have listened to that floating head that appeared in Angela's patent pending doohickey.

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You're on gluuuuuuuue.

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*sporfle* Eeeeeeeeeeexcellent!

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*wubs them all SO MUCH*

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*is dead like a dead thing*

So much love!

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*loves all of them way way a lot* Especially the one wiht the Tick and the gremlin spit, and the Callisto/Kry ones are great, and the first date ones are all awwww.

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*dead with the laughing*

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Well, the Mystic Force cape would go well with Seely's leather skirt. ;)


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