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5 creatures Jo hunted

1. Jo knew she shouldn't have listened to Dean when he suggested hunting Biff...
2. ...even though he was almost as creepy as that Snuggles bear.
3. She told Oreius she was sorry, it wasn't like she was aiming for him.
4. Vice Principal Hades counted as a creature, right?
5. Stupid gremlins.

For [ profile] anomilygrace

5 Things Seely and Peter Pevensie agreed upon

1. If Seely hurt Willow, there would be hell to pay
2. If Seely hurt Ed, there would be hell to pay.
3. Considering that Ed was technically older than his father-in-law, family dinners were always going to be a little awkward.
4. Space vodka was yummy black evil...
5. ...and that they would never speak of this again.

5 Ways Zack avoided being committed by his family

1. Not mentioning who his ex-roommate had said his ex-roomate was.
2. The fact the psychiatrist didn't believe that Nadia was a gremlin that one game.
3. So inviting the trolls over to dinner was a mistake, they managed to get away, didn't they?
4. He knew that vial of gremlin saliva he managed to accquire would come in handy one day.
5. He invited the psychiatrist on a tour of Fandom, afterwards the shrink promptly checked himself in.

5 Ways Ed didn't embarrass Willow while she was in Narnia.

1. He hadn't encouraged her to turn Prince Rabadash into a slug. He'd suggested a frog.
2. It really wasn't him who'd suggested that Willow be kept out of the kitchens, honest.
3. And he hadn't meant to get stomach flu right before the feast she helped cook either.
4. There was no fainting, dammit!
5. Getting caught having a threesome with Seely and Door. That happened back in Fandom.

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EEEEE, I have so much love.


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