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Dear Yulegoat,

We matched on at least one of my fandoms, so clearly you are made of win and I'll love whatever you write. Especially since a fic for any of these fandoms involving these characters doing pretty much anything will make me a very happy fangirl

That said, if you'd like something more specific than 'anything' here's a bunch of fannish babble and anything in here that sparks your fancy, go wild.

Some things that I like: banter, epic BFFery, AUs, crossovers, people who have trouble verbally displaying affection, femslash, bisexuality,snark/cynicism/prickliness as defense mechanism, geekiness of any flavour, prickly characters with hidden soft and squishy centres, wacky hijinks and shenanigans, intelligent characters, strong women of all kinds, lovers who are also friends, stories which go into the unexplored nooks and crannies of canon, world-building, flawed characters who are still likeable and/or sympathetic, characters paying attention to/noticing other characters' hands, healthy doses of crackiness, wildly different personality types getting along as much because of the rough edges snagging as despite it, stoic woobieness, plotty stories, not-so-plotty character studies, five things stories, missing scenes, evocative language, playing with narrative structure.

As far as ratings go, I'm good with anything you'd care to write, gen, smut, shippy-fic that falls somewhere between.

When all's said and done I'm very easy to please.

Better Off Ted

Character: Veronica Palmer

A day-in-the-life fic involving Veronica and her Very Special Worldview would be very spiffy indeed.

I adore Veronica. I love the fact that she's not so much a bad person as a somewhat amoral one who just Doesn't Get It, and on very rare occasions displays a squishier side. I love her interactions with the rest of the show's characters. So a slice-of-life story exploring a day/week/however-long in the life of Veronica (pre-, post-, or during canon) would be awesome.

Alternatively, a crossover (or fusion) where Veronica brings her unique outlook to another universe that's more (or less!) normal than the universe of the show to would also be awesome.

Legend of the Seeker

Characters: Cara, Richard Cypher

I'd love *anything* that focused on/explored the idea of Richard and Cara as BFF (with or without benefits). Snarky Cara is always a plus.

I loved the glimpses of the relationship between these two in canon, the way that (to draw an analogy completely out of left field) Cara is the stand-offish (over)protective Darcy to Richard's too good-natured for his own good Bingley, so I really would adore something exploring that. I ship them, but if you don't feel the ship I'd be perfectly happy with gen/friendship fic. (I also have some major OT3 leanings if you're that way inclined, but again if you're not, gen is love).

AU fic, either of the something changed in canon (they didn't get back from the crapsack Reckoning future! Cara actually succeeded with that Mord'Sith should take over the D'Hara and the Midlands notion!) or the completely out there kind, would be love, but I'd also be equally happy with something set during or after canon.

Pretty much he only thing I wouldn't want is using Cara's last name (unless, of course, you go with an AU which involves Cara not being Mord'Sith, then it's all good), it's just a thing with me.

Robot Unicorn Attack

Character: Unicorn

Who made the robot unicorn? Why is it running? Where is it running to? Is there more than one unicorn, or does it just get downloaded to a new body when it crashes?

If we matched on this, I love you for offering it, if we didn't and you're wondering what on Earth a Robot Unicorn Attack is, the answer is an awesome, cracktastic online flash game, which will take all of five minutes to catch up on the canon for not counting the fact you will never be able to stop playing.

So, yes, I would adore world-building/backstory fic for this fandom, exploring the idea of who would build a robot unicorn and then have it run and chase fairies until it crashes into a wall, why someone would do something like that, (and are the random inspirational quotes coming from a GlaDos type testing AI)?

Ooooooooooor, if you wanted you could just cross this over with any of my other three fandoms, to see how they deal with a randomly appearing robot unicorn.

Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage

Character: Ada Lovelace

So long as it somehow involves Lovelace being awesome WITH SCIENCE!, pretty much *anything* would make me happy here

If we didn't match on this I'll just wait here while you catch up. Words cannot describe how very awesome Ada is, and a story exploring her scientific, steampunky baddassery (with or without her BFF/partner in fighting crime Charles Babbage) would be seriously awesomesauce.

And I mean it when she could be doing anything so long as it involves SCIENCE. It could be backstory about the development and building of the Difference Engine, it could be Ada IN SPACE, Ada IN THE FUTURE (for any definition of future that involves a starting point of the 1830s), Ada inventing Twitter to fill that gaping void in her life of which she was hitherto unaware.
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