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Title: The Care and Confession of Your Mord'Sith
Fandom: Legend of the Seeker
Summary: Kahlan accidentally confesses Cara, hijinks problems ensue.
Pairing: Cara/Kahlan
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 874
Notes: Yeaaah, I don't know what goes on in my head half the time either.

Kahlan herself was never quite able to remember how it had happened. Which made no small amount of sense, given if she had seen it coming, she would have been able to stop it happening. Later Richard and Zedd would tell her it had been pure accident, Cara bodily shoving a D'Haran to the ground at the exact moment Kahlan, arm outstretched, lunged for his neck.

By the time she'd registered that the skin under her fingertips was smooth and soft as the finest kid gloves rather than coarse with stubble and greasy with sweat, that she was looking into eyes she knew, it was already too late, and Cara was sinking to her knees, liquid black eyes dissolving into naked adoration. Feeling her gorge rising, for one endless moment Kahlan could only stare at Cara's mouth forming words she was only supposed to utter with the deepest sarcasm.

Then the D'Haran who should have been the one on his knees attacked again, forcing her to focus on the battle once more.

Afterwards, Kahlan had turned back, braced for the sight of Cara dead, or worse, still dying, her body wracked with pain too great for even a Mord'Sith to handle. What she hadn't been prepared for was Cara calmly standing barely a foot behind her, watching her with that same intense, almost disturbing, adoration.

Overwhelming as her relief at not having accidentally murdered Cara was, it was also short lived, as it had rapidly became clear that merely confessing her brought with it its own slew of problems.

Though in all fairness, Kahlan really hadn't had any way of knowing that letting herself babble in confusion at Zedd about the fact that Cara was not dead, why hadn't confessing her killed her, that confession should have killed her, horribly, might have been taken as a sign of her being unhappy about it. Or that Cara would now have been more than willing to 'correct the problem'.

At least they'd gotten the agiel off her before she managed to actually do anything with it.

If that had been the most extreme incident, it was also merely the first, and depending on who you asked, the least embarrassing. Cara's newfound devotion might have been total, but it was not an utterly blind one, and if on some private level, Kahlan found being called 'Mistress' incredibly gratifying, she was also regretting ever making fun of Richard over Cara watching him like he couldn't be trusted to tie his bootlaces without finding some new and inventive way of tripping and garrotting himself.

Other changes, while subtler and slower to manifest, were possibly even more disconcerting. It soon became apparent that Cara had internalised every single comment Kahlan had ever made about expressing her feelings, no matter how offhand, and was now putting them into practice with all the earnestness and enthusiasm she could muster. The results were, to put it diplomatically, mixed. Zedd had started begging Kahlan to 'make the humming stop, it's scaring me', and it was so much easier to tell a stoic Cara she couldn't go with her on this mission (because Richard really might find a way to accidentally kill himself with his bootlaces otherwise) than one who looked like a kicked puppy.

Both of which paled in comparison to what happened when Cara decided to apply this 'advice' in areas she'd really had no problems whatsoever expressing herself in before.

Which was how Kahlan found herself swept off her feet by an amorous Mord'Sith. Literally.

"Cara," she finally managed after recovering her wind, and her focus, as having your earlobe nibbled on was kind of distracting. "What are you doing?"

Brows drawn together in confusion, Cara looked up from paying her attentions to Kahlan's neck. "You said I shouldn't hesitate in showing people how I feel about them."

"Tell. I said to tell them how you feel about them." Kahlan did not just make a sound of protest about Cara stopping, she wanted her to stop. "Just a slight difference."

"Oh." Cara traced patterns over her shoulder with a gloved fingertip, an incongruously shy gesture given one of her thighs was still between Kahlan's. "Kahlan?"

Kahlan tried to keep herself from squirming, she hadn't realised she was ticklish in that particular spot before. "Yes, Cara?"

"I feel that I want you, and that we should lie together. You'd enjoy it."

Cara was probably right there, Kahlan admitted to herself. "That's a nice offer but..." Telling her it was only the confession talking never worked, and resulted in that kicked puppy expression. "...what about Richard?"

"What about Richard?" The confusion was back, but was soon replaced by a look of enlightenment. "I wouldn't be jealous and hurt him, if that's what you're worried about. He makes you happy, and should be protected as a result."

"I'm more worried about the fact he's still in the cave with us." Which might have slipped Kahlan's mind for a moment or several.

Her face took on a thoughtful expression. "We don't have a Rada'Han, so it's too dangerous for him to join in, but he could still watch." Cara beamed at her. "Men like that."

Richard wisely chose not to answer beyond an odd, strangled sound.
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